Add a marketing departmentwithout hiring in-house

What I do


I'll work with you to create a marketing strategy, budget, and timelines.


I can create full websites, landing pages, set up reporting, and host your site.​


From social to Google and text to video, I can create ads for all stages of your funnel.


Lead nurturing and client communication, can produce results with automated newsletters.

SEO Writing

Let's get your blog ready to bring in leads so we can follow up and nurture them.


Let's get the digital aspect of your next big event lined out so you can stay connected.


If you're building a lead list and need help managing it, I'm here to help. I make website integration easy.


Need a press release written or magazine ad designed? Shoot it on over and I'll get it done.

What you'll get

Who you are

Located in Southwest Missouri ...or not

I love working with small businesses, that’s why I chose freelancing. My office is in Springfield, MO but I help clients across the country.

Starting marketing from scratch or ready to scale

If you have a business idea and you’re ready to go to market, I can help you hit the ground running. This package is great for businesses ready to scale and grow too. I take the hard stuff off your hands.

High ticket B2B or B2C

My specialty is list building and lead nurturing for industries with longer marketing funnels. This package won’t work well for solely eCommerce businesses since it’s a whole different ballgame.

Have a good sales process in place

It’s my job to bring in the leads. You’ll want a great sales person who can close the deal once prospects hit your inbox or phone. I’ll work closely with you and your team to help qualify leads and identify your sales funnel.

How it works

We'll start with creating a Strategy, then tackle each project on the timeline- completely custom to your needs.

Develop a Strategy

We’ll sit down and create a plan of action including objective, budget, timeline, and channels.

Create/Update Website

I’ll create a new website, or update your current WordPress site in line with our Strategy. This could include product pages, landing pages, a blog, or any other content that attracts an audience that converts.

Manage Projects

I’ll tackle projects based on our strategy, like setting up ads, writing blog content, and more. We’ll discuss how you’d like me to spend my time, and I’m always open to new projects that come up.

Get Leads!

I’ll route your leads to you or your sales team. You’ll have detailed reports for different campaigns so we can adjust ads and website content to maximize results.

My Past Work

I'm sure you want to read about similar businesses I've worked with. Here you go!

MultiOne required landing pages in a variety of languages

Multilingual Landing Pages for MultiOne

I created multilingual landing pages for a worldwide lead generation and awareness campaign in the heavy equipment industry.

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Read tips for digital marketing, work-from-home, business and more

Content Writing Portfolio- Jahana Uchtman

I love writing content, but I also help my clients by sourcing images, posting the content, interlinking articles, and adding schema. See examples of my past work locally in Springfield, MO and internationally.

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Digital Ads for lead generation, phone calls, and website visits

Lead Generation with Digital Ads for MultiOne America

I worked as a marketing consulting creating a digital ad plan and researching keywords & audience, creating content, and managing the ads., I significantly increased the number of website visitors, lead forms, and inquiry calls to the office.

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Influencer Marketing for MultiOne America

Collaboration with industry influencers helped a national machinery distributor gain awareness and educate their audience.

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Website Re-Design & SEO for

I helped this local Springfield business increase inbound leads by redesigning their website. Homepage features like reviews and videos show social proof.

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Project Management for

I managed setup of from vision to launch, working with devs, setting up the directory and adding content like listings and articles.

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Do you manage social media?

I understand that for small and medium-sized businesses, social media can be a challenge, but it’s also a channel that needs consistent attention. This package does not include regular social media posts because it could take a significant amount of your monthly time. However, I’m happy to include social media planning in your strategy, and create a content plan so someone onsite can take photos and write posts that are consistent with your marketing objectives and messaging.

If social media posting is an essential part of what you need to get off your plate, I’m happy to work with you on photography, content, posting, and engagement for a separate fee.

That seems expensive...

I charge what I do because I have a wide expertise in the software and systems that businesses need to succeed online. Hiring a website developer or an agency to run your ads easily runs into 4 figures short-term. Hiring an employee requires on-site equipment and training, and you if you don’t have a large budget, you won’t get personnel who can handle it all.

What I offer is the best of both worlds- marketing expertise, but with the customization and communication of someone on staff. In addition, you’re getting a discount off my normal rate by purchasing a guaranteed block of my time each month.

Do I need an ad budget too?

I recommend an ad budget of at least $1000 for clients who want to advertise online. There are other organic ways to get leads- and we’ll work on them too. But if you want immediate results, ads are the way to go. When creating your strategy, we’ll figure out a budget and where we want to target ads, whether with YouTube, Google PPC, or social.


Full Service Marketing

A marketing assistant by your side
$ 1600 /month
  • 15 hours of work reserved for you per month
  • Individualized assistance with marketing efforts
  • Strategy and Budget creation
  • Website Creation or Updates
  • Ads for social media, video, or PPC
  • Blog post writing
  • Email campaign management
  • Other tasks individual to your business model like CRM, digitizing events, and press releases

Get a marketing assistant to help your business grow.

Get some stress off your plate and a concrete strategy to move forward with.

I work in Springfield Missouri helping local businesses with SEO and content writing.