Digital Marketing Consulting in Springfield, Missouri

Digital marketing (and all marketing!) works best when it’s part of a larger cohesive strategy. It’s also easier to implement when you have specific tasks and a timeline to work off of. Marketing can get pushed to the wayside when you have the urgency of everyday operations to contend with. I help you bring digital marketing back to the forefront so your business can thrive.

Springfield, Missouri is home to many types of business like startups, tech-based, brick-and-mortar, industrial, art, freelancing, and so many more. I utilize my agency background to provide marketing consulting as an impartial third party. There’s no office politics, ***

I can provide advice on website marketing best practices, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, PR, integrated marketing, lead generation, social campaigns, Google and search engine marketing (SEM), display ads, YouTube ads, software implementation and integration, content planning and writing…the list goes on. If it has to do with online marketing, I’m on it.

Marketing for Existing Businesses or Startups?

Digital Marketing Consulting for Established Businesses

It’s so easy to forget about marketing when business is going great. But what happens when you lost your biggest client or a customer referral pipeline dries up?

It takes time to see results from most marketing efforts, plus it takes time to implement them. Let’s talk about what you can do now so your business is secure long-term

The best time to be marketing is before you need more customers.

Digital Marketing Consulting for Startups

Starting with a great marketing strategy allows all your business activities to intertwine- multiplying any one effort.

Coming up with a great idea and finding a way to bring it to the masses is a huge hurdle! But without a marketing strategy in place from the start, you’re leaving money on the table.

If you’re part of a small startup team or a solopreneur, you’re probably finding it difficult to wear so many hats. You can ditch the learning curve and let an expert start you off on the right path.

Full Marketing strategy or single project?

Creating a Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re in a place to create a marketing strategy for your business, great! If you’ve been struggling with keeping up with your marketing, we can completely revamp your current marketing plan.


To start any marketing project, you have to know your audience. Where are they hanging out online and what are their lives like?

Marketing Funnels

How do your customers go from hearing about you to purchasing from you? Creating a funnel maps out touch points where you can help your leads get to customers.


Which online channels will work best for reaching your objectives with your target audience? Each channel has its own best practices.

Actionable plan

At the end, we'll have a schedule that you can use to put your plan in action. You'll know exactly what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

Project-Based Digital Marketing Consulting

If you have an idea for an online marketing project but don’t have the internal resources to devote to it, I’m happy to help there as well. I’ll take your idea and objectives and turn them into results.










Marketing Strategy Creation or Execution?

Marketing Strategy Consulting

If you want to take my ideas and run with them by yourself, you’re more than welcome to. Whatever staffing situation you find yourself in, you’ll be better off with a plan so you can hit the ground running. Maybe your current staff just needs a little training and guidance to get going, or maybe you’re planning on hiring soon. Either way, having a plan in place allows everyone to work effectively.

Marketing Strategy Execution

If your staff is already overworked and you aren’t in the position to hire a full agency, having a project manager may be your best bet. My knowledge is very broad and I can easily execute a lot of projects alone- but sometimes you need someone with very specific skills. If the project is out of my scope, I’ll bring on one of my partners or someone you choose and manage the project so it realizes its full potential.

Want to develop your marketing strategy, but have limited time and resources? My Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop may be the perfect fit for you. I’ve created a workshop so you, your staff, and I can do a deep dive into your marketing.

We sit down for a day and go through my strategy workbook together. I’ve used this workbook with many local businesses to get them started off on the right foot. We can focus on a high level marketing plan, or get specific with a few channels.