So you need a website, huh?

One of the first things you research when starting a business is how to put together the right website. You want one that matches your brand and looks great, and it’s got to be affordable since you have a bunch of other startup costs to worry about. It’s easy to choose a solution like Squarespace or Wix because

  • they are affordable
  • it’s pre-designed and the templates look great
  • you figure you can take a weekend to put it together

But here’s the reality- I get most of my clients when they’re wanting to switch from a website creator. They’re fed up with the time they’ve had to put into it and are still having issues.

  • Using their own images requires editing or even a photography session to get the results they need.
  • Even with a drag and drop editor, it takes work to make it look great on mobile (where most of the traffic is!)
  • Customizing the layout and colors only works to a certain degree.
 Other clients have used Wix or Squarespace for years and are at the point where they want to increase their marketing to engage their audience (like with a newsletter) or nurture their leads (like offering a PDF in exchange for their email address) online. They find out that their plans aren’t possible with these platforms and are looking for another solution.


As a small business owner, your time is your most valuable asset. When you go with a custom-built WordPress website from the start, you get a website that looks the way you want it to, and can grow with your business. Best of all- you didn’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure out one more piece of software.

Jahana Uchtman Your Digital Marketing Assistant- Website Design for Small Businesses

Who am I?

I started in digital marketing working for an overseas company as as assistant to the CEO for 3 years. I realized there was a need for high-quality, but affordable website design and online marketing in Springfield, so I started working with local clients. Since I work from home, I can offer amazing service and extensive technical knowledge for a better rate than the big companies can.

Who am I?

I started in digital marketing working for an agency as as assistant to the CEO for 3 years. I realized there was a need for high-quality, but affordable website design and online marketing in Springfield, so I started working with local clients. Since I work from home, I can offer amazing service and extensive technical knowledge for a better rate than the big companies can.

What's so great about my websites?

A lot about what makes my sites awesome is on the backend. It’s easy to put together a beautiful site, but it needs to perform well too! 

Your Digital Marketing Assistant- Website Development

I take care of the details

so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s amazing how taking care of the little things can add up. Images need to be resized for different places on the webpage. Each page has to be made mobile responsive- it’s not something that happens automatically. Forms need to be tested. Reporting software has to be set up. It gets tedious, especially if you are learning how to do it all.

It's built by a marketing expert

not a template.

Your business is unique and I take the time to understand its needs. By looking at your objective, I can craft a layout, create applicable sections, and add calls to action that appeal to your target market.

Your Digital Marketing Assistant- Website Development
Your Digital Marketing Assistant- Website Development- Search Engine Optimization

Get SEO from the start

- that's built right in.

I use SEO best practices in every piece of the site. I add meta data, submit a sitemap to Google, and configure schema. All of this tells Google even more about your site so they can deliver it to people who are searching for what you offer. Most online website providers make this a nightmare. Even big marketing companies will upcharge you for it.

Reporting is included

so you can optimize.

I’m all about constantly improving so life works at its most efficient with the best results. By taking measurements and analyzing them, you know what is working and what can be improved. Maybe you don’t care about this yet, and that’s okay. The data will be collected so that when you’re ready to take the next step, it’s there for you! (Available in All-in-One package)

website design for Greene County
Your Digital Marketing Assistant- Website Design- Scalable Solution

It's a solution that scales

when you're ready to grow.

You’ll have the building blocks of a great website in place so that when you want to grow, it’s easy.  From investing in a Google search campaign or starting a blog, you’re just a few steps away from launch, no website redesign or migration needed.

Get great images

from a local photographer

It’s probably been a long time since you’ve had great images shot of your business and your team- if you’ve had time to do it at all. Get a photography session that’s tailored to your website needs. Receive digital copies for yourself so you can showcase the same great brand image across all your marketing materials.

The Details

I’ve put together a plan that will meet the needs of most new brick-and-mortar businesses. Don’t see a feature you want? Check out my add-ons in the next section.

Single Page Website

Single page websites are a great way to present your information to visitors so that you control the flow of information. Tell your story, give information, and collect leads in a perfectly concise way. Want to link to your hours or contact information? You can easily create a menu link that jumps to the page section you want. (Click “Contact Me” on my homepage to see what I mean.)

Website Design & Development

After talking with you about your business needs, I create a site that tells your story. Site sections may include:

  • Custom-built navigation menu with logo and any must-see info
  • Header with slider, video, or hero image
  • Company profile or message to visitors
  • Services, products, features, pricing table, video embed, client list, FAQs, etc.
  • Testimonials or embed of Google or Facebook reviews
  • Contact form or lead generating call-to-action built for maximum conversions.

Website Hosting

The data for your website has to live somewhere. I host your site so that you don’t have to worry the following:

  • Hosting with 5k monthly visitors, 2 GB disk space, and 400 GB bandwidth
  • Site security through industry-standard Securi software
  • Nightly backups to easily return to normal if your site does get hacked
  • Monthly site maintenance to keep WordPress and plugins up to date
  • I provide the web support so you don't have to wait on hold with providers
  • Reports that show you the important details of your site's performance

Other great website features

Free Domain!

You don't have to worry about renewing yearly or configuring the DNS yourself.

Drag and Drop Editor

Your site comes with a drag and drop editor built in! Make minor changes easily. There are also lots of tutorials online if you want to make big changes like creating a page yourself.

You own your site

Big companies have a bad habit of hard coding your website so that it's almost impossible to make changes without paying them. Your site is always available for you, me, or any 3rd party to make changes if you wish.


  • Restaurant Menu Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Blog
  • Video Blog
  • Calendar Embed
  • Appointment Setter
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Email for you and your employees through GSuite
  • Photography session with images created specifically for web
  • Social media profiles and backgrounds that match the website branding
  • Newsletter sign-up form
  • Lead nurturing and CRM integration
  • Just ask if you don't see what you need! I'll get it done.


I know starting budgets can get tough. If this plan is out of your price range but you’d really like to work with me, let me know. We can probably work out a payment plan.

Get a FREE Website Strategy Session

Do you have questions about your website design and content? Get a 30 minute consulting session with a web designer (me!) Have your questions answered and receive ideas for making your website work best for your particular business.

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