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Objective: The owner of 417 Insurance and Investments is knowledgable, helpful, and really good to his clients. When we met, his website wasn’t reflecting the passion he puts into his work. His website focused on negativity, and his last web designer hard-coded it so we couldn’t make changes easily.

I worked with him on a website that connected with his site visitors, informed them on Medicare issues, and encouraged them to contact him. He went from almost no website leads to a steady stream of potential clients that were excited to talk to him.


I tailored the website visuals and content to reflect best practices for an older target market. Choosing positive images, appropriately-aged models, and larger text allows Baby Boomers to better connect with the site.


Medicare insurance is a very personal choice since it deals with health, money, and everything in between. Jeremy has lots of great reviews and customers who have been with him almost 2 decades. He's also been featured in local media and is active in local sports and charity. I posted videos, links, Google reviews, and more so that potential customers could see how he's helped his past clients.


Jeremy is full of helpful knowledge about Medicare and the plans that go with it. I created a blog to help him share information, gain trust, and help with SEO. Now he can post videos or text when he's ready to cover a new topic.


The whole point of the website is to bring in customers. If they're ready to work with you, but they can't easily make contact, my work is useless. I put contact forms on every page, made the phone number click-to-call, and made sure that anyone interested in calling could see that a real live person would answer their questions.

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