Influencer Marketing for MultiOne America

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Objective: MultiOne America is a distributor of MultiOne loaders with headquarters in Springfield, Missouri. I worked with them as a consultant to develop a marketing strategy and execute those strategies over time. Two of our objectives were top-of-the-funnel awareness, and mid-funnel education about their product. By working with YouTube and Instagram influencers during a trade show, we were able to achieve both with a reasonable budget.

Influencer Research

The influencers were chosen because of their previous coverage of the industry trade show. In addition, we weighed their reach and audience engagement. After creating a shortlist, we ultimately decided to work with four people who had different audiences so our awareness could be spread across several adjacent industries.

Choosing the Platform

We worked with the influencers to create the right platform mix to maximize the budget. It was important to get evergreen content published on YouTube, while using Instagram to get a temporary increase in followers and website views.

Establishing the Message

Many of the influencers were new to our product, as was their audience, so our message revolved around general benefits and features of the product. We made sure to have a knowledgable staff member there who could articulate the information in a relatable way. The influencers also got to test out the product in the demo yard. It was fun to see everyone's responses to the product- they loved it!

Monitoring and Engagement

Once the influencers posted our content (both during and after the trade show) we worked to amplify their message. We posted their videos to our social media and reposted their Insta stories to our own in a Stories Highlight. We also continually monitored YouTube and Instagram comments to provide any product information or answer any questions from their followers.

YDMA- Influencer Instagram Story

Influencer: Stan "DirtMonkey" Genadek

Placement in YouTube trade show compilation video

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Influencer: Tools in Action

Dedicated YouTube video for product

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Insta Story

Interested in using influencer marketing for your product or service, but don’t know where to start? Send me a message below. Even small brands can utilize micro-influencers and local accounts to gain awareness, social proof, and educate their audience. Let’s talk!

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